Every single member of staff at Pitman Training is there to support our franchise partner network. All new partners benefit from the hands-on support of the following dedicated staff:

Franchise Manager – who is there to guide and assist new partners through the opening process, from the initial meeting stage to the centre opening.

Franchise Development Manager – who is with you throughout your time as Pitman Franchisee, to advise primarily on sales and marketing within the centre. They are also there very much to help and support with the initial centre set-up and ensuring that partners have the right support from the outset to operate and be successful in their business

The Marketing Team - led by our Head of Marketing, supported by our own Marketing Team and Graphic Designer; working closely with a PR Agency and a Digital Marketing Agency to bring new franchise partners the very best initial and ongoing marketing support from the outset and throughout the term of the Franchise Agreement

Our Customer Support Team - there to help and answer all the questions that centre staff may have on a variety of subjects in regard to their own centre or courseware delivery

Financial, Accounts and Ordering Support - to help with the set-up of your business accounts; advise on invoices and payments and support if necessary to guide you through the on-line ordering process

Product Development - we always seek to develop our training products in house, and our team will work with you to make sure you have the latest training products to meet the market demand. Ideas are always welcome and our franchisees feed in great information to our team that helps drive our research & development.

The Pitman Training Advisory Committee (PTAC) - This Franchisee appointed committee is there to act as your voice on things that are important to the network. Meetings are held quarterly with Pitman Training Group and feedback and ideas generated help drive the business forward.

Pre-Launch Training – Training is what we do, and we will ensure that you get all of the support that you need from day one in order to set up and run the business effectively. You will receive an immersive programme of training as a new partner on the operations of the business, on sales and marketing and on our products and how to sell and use them.

It doesn't stop there though and we run regular workshops and training sessions on a variety of topics for our Franchisees to share ideas and best practices.