How long is the contract and is there a renewal fee?

The Pitman Training experience is built around student needs and has been developed using a combination of experience and research.

Pitman Training Facts and Figures

  • The private student market is largest for our Pitman Training centres, but there is great potential for corporate training too.
  • 75% of our private students are female
  • Many are mothers returning to work, people who want to change careers or get a better job
  • Most come to us due to the strength of our brand
  • Our clients are busy, demanding and need a flexible solution that fits around their lives and family commitments
  • They have clear motivations for training, which we understand
  • We are the only training provider across the UK and Ireland to have a national network of centres in handy, central locations

In the International market, we have the same quality experience for private students and also provide outstanding training for large corporations, government departments and are happy to work alongside other international partner organisations.