Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions.

How long is the contract and is there a renewal fee?

Our Franchise Agreement is an industry standard five year term.

There is no renewal franchise fee payable at the end of the term and if all parties are happy then your agreement will be renewed for a further five years.

What capital is required to start a Pitman Training centre?

This varies based on the size of area and potential premises costs. Depending on circumstances, we would estimate that new partners should allow for £60,000 to £100,000.

Why have you quoted me a figure for the franchise fee higher than the £40,000 on your literature?

Our franchise fees start at £40,000 depending on area and then rise depending on the location (i.e. City Centre, Central London etc.) and size of the population within your area.

What will I be able to earn from the business?

This will naturally depend on the location and required overheads in the business. We will be pleased to outline our financial projections in more detail at a forthcoming meeting.

How long does the process take to get up and running?

Timescales can vary depending on locating the right premises but we would anticipate approximately three months from the initial meeting.

How many franchise failures do you have a year?

Like any new business, success for a franchise is driven by the skills and work that the owner puts in. A small number of franchises do close; though not necessarily each year and not all for the same reasons. This is normal for any franchise network and remains significantly lower than the normal failure rate for small businesses.

What is the position and strength of the brand?

There is nothing more important in business than the brand itself. Pitman Training franchise partners are fortunate that they have bought into what is universally recognised as an outstandingly strong brand that has literally been trusted for generations. This is also reflected through the listings within UK Superbrands™, student enquiries and enrolment within our Pitman Training centres.

How does the Franchisor communicate with the network and is there an opportunity for new partners to network with other established franchise partners?

Weekly business and product updates are issued to the whole network to ensure you're kept up to date with all the very latest news and updates.

We also hold regional meetings annually which give all our centres the chance to network as well as allowing us to provide detailed feedback on recent marketing campaigns; future course releases and affiliations and guest speakers.

We encourage our partners to put themselves forward for the Pitman Training Advisory Council (PTAC) which meet at regular intervals throughout the year. Delegates at this meeting include members of the Pitman Training board and senior operational staff as well as franchise partner representation from each geographical area of the country. Franchise partner attendees are elected by their fellow local area partners and this allows them to have an appreciation of the Pitman Training head office business and input accordingly. Minutes from these meetings are distributed network wide.