The rich diversity of language, culture and history across the continent of Europe make it a very special place to live or do business. With many of the worlds most advanced economies, education systems and highest standards of living the opportunities are boundless. The increased openness of trade, travel, and movement of staff between countries within Europe have meant that many are now a melting pot of people from every country in the world.

As the world gets smaller and inter-country trade continues to develop, the common tie that binds things together is the English language as the language of business. Increasingly companies are looking for staff that can work in both their native tongue and English, and hence our courses that are designed specifically to provide students with the hands on skills that come from working in an English environment are ideal.

Whether you have students that are keen to increase their skills and prove they can work in an English environment, in order to find a better job in their home country, or whether it is students that are looking to move to the English speaking world... our Pitman Training centres are the ideal place for them to study.


We are already extremely well established in the UK as the nation’s largest independent training provider, and we have numerous locations across Ireland too.


Wherever you are from in Europe… whether you are a private individual with an eye for a gap in the market and an ambition to succeed, or an established education company... we want to hear from you.