Over 380 million people live across this great continent, with cultures and languages full of diversity and colour. In terms of economic growth, South America is booming... Brazil is justifiably touted as one of the 4 BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India & China) that will be the new major world economies. Beyond that there is staggering potential in the growth centres of Colombia, Argentina, Chile & Peru to name just a few.

Franchising is growing in popularity across the continent and is a great way to enter the market. In a recent survey of the franchise sector in South America, education that came out as the number one growth industry. The British education system, and heritage brands such as Pitman Training are held in enormously high esteem. As the momentum of growth across the South American economy continues to build up steam, so too does the amount of trade it does with the rest of the world and with key partners in the USA & Canada just to the north the demand for staff that can work effectively in English has never been higher.

The time is perfect for Pitman Training to establish itself as a major player in vocational education across South America, and we are actively looking for partners to work with us over the coming months and years.


There are opportunities throughout South America and we are keen to develop Pitman centres in the following countries over the coming year, and so if you are the right partner for us... please get in touch.