Our franchise partners come from all walks of life, and here you can read and watch what some of them have to say - and see how it matches your own hopes and aspirations.

Each Year, Pitman Training Group train thousands of students across the globe with the support of each of our franchise partners and their teams.

Because of the unique nature of our computer based, audio-led vocational courses, we not only give students and understanding of what each subject involves, they also gain practical experience of how to complete each component. This has resulted in us achieving a 98% Pass rate for our diplomas. Click here to see what our students have to say about learning with us.

There’s no better way to find out the real story behind the Pitman Training franchise network, than hearing from the people who have done it themselves and helped us continue to grow.

If you decide to enquire about a franchise opportunity, during our discussions, we will invite you to visit some of our franchise partners face to face, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and see what life is really like as part of our franchise network.

Chris Wyle - Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester franchisee

Throughout his career, Chris Wyle has always had a passion for helping people unlock their full potential. From delivering presentation skills training to becoming a six-territory franchise partner with Pitman Training, Chris's passion for training and development is evident…

23 years helping students develop themselves - Joy Renshaw's franchise journey

For the past 23 years, Joy Renshaw has been determined to help the students of Pitman Training Brighton realise their dreams. From starting out as Brighton’s centre manager and corporate IT trainer in 1998 to becoming the business owner in 2005, Joy has never lost her passion for helping people develop themselves.

Paula Elliott - Pitman's franchise partner on the front line of delivering education excellence

Going into her fifth term as a franchise partner with Pitman Training, Paula Elliott has certainly proved she has what it takes to make it in the world of franchising….”