Luton is the largest town in Bedfordshire, and is ideally located within the country, benefitting from excellent transport links. Conveniently placed just off the M1 motorway and a short 30 minute train ride from London, it is seen in many ways as an extension of the Capital - yet is a vibrant and dynamic town in its own right.

Luton town centre is currently benefiting from a substantial regeneration programme. Significant and award winning work is being carried out to enhance the shopping environment, and also to boost the already impressive transport links as the bus and railway stations see upgrades. All of this work is contributing to making Luton a fantastic place to live and work and to host a Pitman Training centre.

The Pitman Training centre in Luton will not only provide outstanding training to residents of Luton, but will attract students from many of the surrounding towns and villages that centre on Luton. 


The traditional industry in Luton has been centred around manufacturing and engineering, particularly around the manufacture of cars. Nowadays Luton is still dominant in these areas and also light manufacturing, but is increasingly moving towards a service based economy, providing support for the thriving nearby airport. Putteridge Bury, a high-technology office park, on the outskirts of Luton, is under construction and will provide more office jobs. This will undoubtedly help strengthen demand for the employer focused vocational courses that Pitman Training is famed for.  Luton is also the head office for a number of notable companies including, Easy Jet, Monarch, Thomson and Vauxhall.


Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: £40,000+

Average Total Investment: £70,000 - £100,000 (varies based on start-up costs)

Estimated Turnover: £POA

Population: 203,600*

Capture Areas:

  • Luton

The sale includes:

  • A 5 year franchise agreement
  • Full training on all aspects of owning a Pitman Training Centre, including sales, marketing and the product
  • Pitman Training website
  • A centre start up pack

*Approx. figures - franchise fees are determined by population in postcode areas so postcode area can be negotiable.