Welcome to Carlisle! It is a city that borders the the town of Cumbria and is also located at the confluence of the rivers Eden, Caldew and Petteril. It is only 13km south of the Scottish border. It is the largest settlement in the county of Cumbria and has a growing population. Its history is a rich one that was marked as a Roman settlement. It was first established to serve the forms on Hadrian's Wall. Combined with its optimal location, Carlisle became an important railway town that is still in use today. Today, Carlisle is a leader in culture, commerce, and industry in the Borderlands.


Carlisle's prime location setting makes it an ideal location for the establishment of Pitman Training Centre.

Franchise Type: New

Franchise Fee: £40,000

Average Total Investment: £80,000 - £100,000 (varies based on start-up costs)

Estimated Turnover: £POA

Population:  310,396

Capture Areas:

  • Wigton
  • Brampton
  • Roadhead
  • Greystoke


The sale includes:

  • A 5 year franchise agreement
  • Full training on all aspects of owning a Pitman Training Centre, including sales, marketing and the product
  • Pitman Training website
  • A centre start up pack
  • Participation in Pitman Training lead generation activities including:
    • Organic lead generation
    • Paid National Advertising
    • Hosted Webinar lead generation
    • National Accounts
    • External exam hosting revenue
    • Pitman Training is always seeking new lead generation activities that are relevant to the market and as such may change from time to time

*Approx. figures – determined by population in postcode areas so postcode areas can be negotiable.