Chris Wyle - Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester franchisee

Chris joined the Pitman Training network in 2013 and opened his centre within the McLaren building in central Birmingham (pictured top, below).

Chris’s vision was to provide vocational training to the local community and also to help businesses get the best from their staff by providing training to bridge any skills gaps.

Having set the business up and learnt the systems, Chris set about recruiting the right quality of staff. He now runs the centre with two other staff members.

He is proactive on the sales front, frequently sitting in on the sales meetings to monitor consistency and ensure pro-active selling techniques are used, ensuring that the students’ needs and their best interests are always met.

As a father to a young family it was important for Chris to incorporate some family time into his busy work life. Having set the business on a firm footing, he decided to work 4 days a week, allowing him to have the work / life balance that he was looking for.

He has become a member of PTAC (the advisory panel consisting of Franchise Partners who work with Pitman Training Group on key decisions affecting the business) and represents the Midlands and parts of the South West.

With a combination of networking, marketing and proactive selling, Chris has increased his business year-on-year and now generates sales of almost £300,000. He has also added to his portfolio the hosting of an extensive range of external assessments for examining bodies, as well as a finance scheme to give more flexible payment options to his students.

Chris is currently in the process of renewing his franchise agreement for a second 5-year term, and very much sees this as a long term investment to grow real value, as well as income along the way.

His business has been so successful that in September 2017 he expanded via the acquisition of a Pitman centre in Nottingham (and has successfully relocated the business to new premises in the city centre, pictured bottom). In February 2018 he will also be opening his 3rd centre on a greenfield site in Leicester.

The keys to Chris’s success have been his energy, enthusiasm, and natural business skills, particularly in sales, as well as his ability to engage with his team, students and fellow Franchisees alongside the support teams from the Franchisor.

Chris says; “I am delighted I became involved as a Pitman Franchisee, it has been positively life changing for me as it allows me to meet my goals for owning and growing my own business whilst at the same time giving me the flexibility to spend time with my growing family.”

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