Podcast: Chris Wyle – School is Easy & Pitman Training – Being a franchisee of multiple territories takes courage

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When starting your own business there is always an element of risk and many people find fear when faced with the potential pitfalls of failure.

It takes courage and determination to build and grow a business a successful, especially when you have to make an upfront investment.

On this episode we speak with Chris Wyle, who has taken courage to the next level as a Franchisee of multiple territories for Pitman Training and Master Franchisee for School Is Easy.

We hear about his career journey in this episode and also speak about:

  • The responsibilities of hiring your first member of staff
  • Supporting local communities
  • Choosing the right location for your business
  • The learning loss in children since the pandemic
  • Benefits of being part of a network
  • The importance of courage in business
  • And of course much, much more!

You can find Chris on LinkedIn – here, Pitman Training here – Find Out How You Can Open Your Own Pitman Training Franchise! and School is Easy here – Own A Tutoring Franchise – Own A Tutoring Franchise

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