The Hull economy was originally built on the fishing industry, but since the decline of the fishing and heavy industry in recent years the city has successfully managed to dramatically regenerate it's economy and change its profile with the retail, tourism, the arts and education sectors all playing predominant roles in this. A testament of this showed when Hull was named in 2013 as the UK City of Culture. With this in mind Hull stands out as another city on the UK map where Pitman Training feels a centre would be ideally placed, and the strong potential in the Hull area certainly should not be overlooked.


The local industry in Hull is mainly around the chemical, healthcare and retail sectors with it being home to several well-known companies such as BP, Seven Seas and Smith & Nephew having facilities in the area. Hull being a city with a healthcare focus helps also provide a key market place for our Pitman Training product as we already have popular, strong courses in this niche area, such as the medical secretarial diploma. This combined with the focus on education in the area, with the Hull University, Hull York Medical School and the University of Lincoln all being situated around the customer catchment area there is strong potential for tapping into our main market of students and young professionals who which to enhance their skills.


Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: £40,000+

Average Total Investment: £70,000 – £100,000 (varies based on start-up costs)

Estimated Turnover: £POA

Population: 256,100*

Capture Areas:

  • Hull City
  • Beverley
  • Anlaby
  • Cottingham
  • Bransholme
  • Hessle

The sale includes:

  • A 5 year franchise agreement
  • Full training on all aspects of owning a Pitman Training Centre, including sales, marketing and the product
  • Pitman Training website
  • A centre start up pack

*Approx. figures - franchise fees are determined by population in postcode areas so postcode area can be negotiable.