The Virgin Islands are an archipelago of islands in the Caribbean, close geographically to one another but split administratively into three distinct parts. The British Virgin Islands, the United States Virgin Islands and the Spanish Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory, with the remainder of the island chain under the jurisdiction of the United States. Similarly to many of the other English speaking parts of the Caribbean, the economies of the islands are founded on both tourism and the financial sector. This is most notably the case in the BVI's with over 50% of the economy from financial services.


Pitman Training centres are consistently successful in areas where economies are growing and anywhere where organisations are looking for high calibre support staff. With the enormous focus on the financial and banking industries in the Virgin Islands there is a big need for well trained and driven staff. Pitman Training is ideally placed to meet that demand by providing the high quality vocational training that is needed.

We are looking for strong partners, either individuals, companies or educational establishments with a desire to grow and develop the brand across the Virgin Islands, with a key focus on finding a partner to establish a centre first in the British Virgin Islands.


Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: £35k

Estimated Turnover: £POA

Population: 28,000 (BVI), 106,000 (USVI), 11,000 (SVI)

GDP Per Capita: $15,600

Key Territories:

  • Road Town
  • Spanish Town