A tiny island in the Atlantic and one of the most beautiful and prosperous of Britain's Overseas Territories, Bermuda is a perfect place to set up a Pitman Training centre. It boasts one of the world's highest incomes per capita, and an economy founded largely on tourism and the massively important status it has gained as a hub of finance and insurance.

The financial sector means there is significant employment for the local population within all functions of the large employers. Our training provides outstanding skills for all of the support functions that these industries demand, from PAs to Receptionists, and Book Keepers to Accountants.


The opportunity in Bermuda is founded around a high quality partner who has a goal to develop and enhance the vocational training outlook on the island. There is enormous respect for the Pitman Training name and many of the UK's largest finance and insurance companies which employ Pitman Training graduates can benefit from having locally Pitman trained Bermudan staff.

If you are that company or individual, please get in touch as we are keen to grow the Pitman Training model into Bermuda this year.


Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: £22.5k

Estimated Turnover: £POA

Population: 65,000

GDP Per Capita: $15,600

Key Territories:

  • Hamilton
  • St George’s