Despite its small size, Barbados punches above its weight on the world stage with a rich musical and cultural heritage and a developed economy. Education is of a consistently high calibre and the country boasts one of the world's highest literary rates nearing 100%.

Barbados is synonymous with Caribbean sunshine tourism, but the economy is also founded on a mix of manufacturing and increasingly as a base for Offshore finance. A Pitman Training Centre will provide a perfect resource for the workforce to brush up on their skills, and for the employers both big and small to train up their already talented and well educated staff.


Pitman Training is looking for one key business or individual with the desire to take on the Pitman Training franchise for Barbados. Giving access to all of our world class training products, and the opportunity to market and trade under our heritage name we are confident that our franchise is a perfect fit with the need of the local market.

If you are that person or that company, please give us a call... we would love to hear from you and work with you to grow your business across the island.


Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: £30k

Estimated Turnover: £POA

Population: 279,000

GDP Per Capita: $15,600

Key Territories:

  • Bridgetown
  • Christ Church