The Sultanate of Oman is strategically located on the south-eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, at the junction of the world's two large continents: Asia and Africa and on the trade route between Europe, Asia and the Far East.

As an economic market, it is stable and well developed, and a perfect area for investment in a Pitman Training centre. Our centres are specifically designed to provide high quality training that gives students real life skills that they will need to work in any of the multitude of industries that are present in modern day Oman.


With English language widely spoken throughout Oman as the 2nd language, it is becoming increasingly important for the workforce to grow their capabilities of working in an English speaking environment. Our courses are specifically designed to provide high quality training on how to fill a wider range of vocational roles within a modern office environment.

We are looking to partner with either educational providers or existing training organisations in the area that are keen to bring Pitman Training to Oman to add to their already quality offering. Alternatively we are looking for ambitious individuals or organisations that are willing to invest in the lucrative opportunities that Pitman Training will provide to them.


Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: POA

Estimated Turnover: POA

Population: 3,800,000

GDP Per Capita: $24,750

Key Territories:

  • Muscat
  • Seeb
  • Salalah
  • Bawshar