Malaysia is a true melting pot of what is best about Asia, with a strong Malay identity combined with influences from both China and India and more than a few nods back to it's recent ties with the UK. Politically and economically very stable with rapid and sustained economic and infrastructure growth, Malaysia is ideally positioned to be a strong regional and global player throughout the 21st century.

English is widely understood in service industries and is a compulsory subject in primary and secondary school. It is also the main language spoken in most private colleges and universities. With such a high importance placed on quality education, the overall business and academic environment in Malaysia means that Pitman Training is perfectly poised to enter the market.


We are actively looking for existing education and training business who are keen to expand their current offering in all of the major cities and states of Malaysia. If you are keen to differentiate your business from the market place by aligning with Pitman Training, we are keen to hear from you to discuss our licensing opportunities throughout Malaysia.


Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: POA

Estimated Turnover: POA

Population: 28,356,000

GDP Per Capita: $10,304

Key Territories:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Penang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Kuching
  • Kinta