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The Bahamas

Fact File:

Franchise Type: New

Cost of Investment: £30k


The Bahamas is an island nation in the Caribbean, composed of more than 700 islands and is famed for it’s beauty as a holiday destination. When it comes to the income per population, the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in North America behind the USA & Canada with a stable and well developed economy founded around the twin pillars of Tourism & Offshore banking.

Tourism makes up 60% of the Bahamas’ economy, however finance and banking is now and will increasingly drive future growth. With an attractive tax regime, and many Government incentives, the Bahamas is a popular location for many multinational companies. Where there is big business, there is a real need for well trained and developed staff… this is where Pitman Training fits in!



GDP Per Capita:


Key territories:

  • Nassau
  • Freeport

The Bahamas is developing as an economy as it diversifies from Tourism and the financial sector, with the Government pushing for its development as a technology hub. Any diversification in industry will bring a subsequent demand for reskilling and high quality staff.

We are therefore looking for a single partner or organisation to take on a franchise within Nassau who can then spread our vocational training across the islands. 

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