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Pitman Training Opportunities in North America


North America is a potentially massive opportunity for Pitman Training for a number of very key reasons. Not only is there a shared identity between the USA & Canada in terms of language and history, there is a mutual respect and the “special relationship” between us too. The English education system and British heritage brands are held in incredibly high esteem, and the structure of many of the businesses that thrive in the multitude of major cities across the continent is very similar to that in the UK. This makes our courses as accessible to students, and as relevant to employers in the USA & Canada, as they are at home in the UK.


With the largest economy in the world in the USA, and a population of over 300 million there is limitless potential in that market. The huge geographical area and the large number of major cities with strong central business areas mean that there is ample business for hundreds of Pitman Training centres. The Franchise business model is known and loved across the continent and means that our structure for rolling out the business can easily be adopted.

Other key markets for a similar reason exist across the length and breadth of the Caribbean, where the shared history and language make Pitman Training a hugely appealing choice for new partners. With many of the islands having a strong financial industry with all of the multinational brands present, the demand for high quality training for support staff has never been higher.


Existing partners

We are thrilled to be opening our first Pitman Training centre in North America this year, with our excellent new partners opening up their training centre in the Cayman Islands this autumn. We are confident that this will act as a launch pad to expand the Pitman Training network across the rest of the Caribbean and into the continental US & Canada.


New partners

We are actively looking for new high calibre partners that are passionate about education and providing quality training, and are ready to trail blaze the Pitman name across the North American continents. This may be in the form of existing educational establishments looking to expand, or strong organisations or individuals that want to push forward with the franchise model.

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