Pitman Training opportunities in Asia-Pacific

The world economy is fundamentally shifting in one direction, and that is East. With many of the world fastest growing and most rapidly diversifying economies, Asia is set to dominate the world market in the 21st century. It is a region of wide diversity in languages and culture, but one where education is universally held up as being of the utmost importance.

Over 4.2 billion people (60% of the world’s population) live in Asia, and as a region it has consistently outperformed the rest of the world in terms of annual financial growth.

Historically there are extensive ties from Britain’s historical link to Asia, and there is a huge amount of goodwill and respect extended to British culture, brands and education.

As a result of this rich economic growth there is a huge demand across the region for highly trained and skilled workforces that are prepared to meet the challenges of a global economy. Pitman Training is ideally placed to bring that quality of training, along with a British heritage name and a long history of being associated with the skills and office training sector.

Existing partners

Pitman Training is all set to open our first centre in the Asia Pacific region later in 2014 with our first Australian centre expected to open it’s doors in Sydney.

New partners

There are opportunities throughout Asia, and the wider Pacific region and we are keen to develop Pitman centres in the following countries over the coming year, and so if you are the right partner for us… please get in touch.


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